Monday, March 14, 2016

My Adventure in Buying Bob Dylan Tickets Today

Back in 1965 when Dylan appeared at Forest Hills one couldn't buy tickets online.  I guess you had to stand in line for hours or phone in and get a million busy signals.  When the concert was announced about a week ago there was a pre-sale beginning today, but only for American Express Card holders.  The general sale is to begin this Saturday March 19.

Since I didn't have an American Express Card I thought I would apply for one.  I was able to do so online a few days ago and even got an account number online with a code.  At 12 noon today I tried to buy tickets but my account number was denied on Ticketfly (Ticketmaster does have competition).  I phoned customer service at American Express that stated that my account is valid and that it should have been accepted.  When I phoned Ticketfly, they said to call American Express.  I went through this cycle about 3 times and gave up at about 1:30 PM figuring that I would have to wait until Saturday.

At 3:30 PM the postal mail came with the actual American Express Card.  I called the number and validated it.  I went on to Ticketfly again and was able to purchase the tickets.

Alls well the ends well.

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