Saturday, March 12, 2016

Remembering Tower Records and Other Music Stores

A recent issue of Goldmine Magazine reviewed the movie All Things Must Pass which covers the history of Tower Records.  I bought the DVD and viewed it today.  It started in California and moved to the east coast.  I fondly remember the store at Broadway and 4th Street near NYU in Greenwich Village.  Whenever I was in that area I would walk around and browse and most likely buy a record and later a CD.  They had some selection with recordings in all genres of music.

Certainly downloading music files from iTunes and Amazon led to the demise of Tower,  but the chain expanded too rapidly and later built up a lot of debt.  They still have a web site and stores in Japan.

Other record stores that I miss:

  • Alexanders record department in Rego Park  - Every Friday after school I went there and spent my allowance money.
  • Triboro Records in Jamaica
  • Downstairs Records on W 43rd Street - I went there when I worked at NYPL in the 1980s
  • DiscoMat - 5th Avenue and 35th Street - another place I went to on my lunch hour in the 1980s
  • Nobody Beats the Wiz
  • Coconuts
  • House of Oldies in Greenwich Village
  • Sam Goody's
  • Virgin Records

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