Friday, January 22, 2016

Support Your Favorite Internet Radio Station

Sadly broadcast radio in recent years has soured as terrestrial stations are trying to appeal to listeners 25-54 years old to attract advertisers.  Oldies stations that used to play music from 1955 to the 1970s are now labelled as classic hits stations that play music from the 70s, 80s, and even into the 90s.  To hear my favorite music I must listen online to several oldies stations on the web.  One of my favorites is Pop Gold Radio run by Don Tandler of New Jersey 101.5 .  Don uses his own money to run the station which has listeners all over the world.

Of course owners of any kind of radio station must play royalties for the music they play.  Unfortunately the Copyright Royalty Board is raising its rates for webcasters.  It is somewhat complicated but there is an article in Billboard that explains everything.  I certainly do not want to see Pop Gold Radio to cease webcasting so I made a small donation to keep the station going.  If you click on Pop Gold Radio there will be a link where you can make a donation to support the station.

Your truly with Don Tandler at Long Island Radio Day
at C.W. Post in April 2009

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BullsEye Radio said...

Well the decision that These 3 ” so-called ” Judges who werent officially elected handed down is only going to worsen things ! The CRB woke a sleeping lion ! They didnt help the artist . . . . .They stuck a knife DEEP in the back of the artist ! 20,000 internet radio station royalties acroiss the USA !
$0.00 paid to licensing from 20,000 stations means $0.00 going to the music mafia to give to the artist after they take their 90% cut !
So enjoy that ! You got greedy , now you get nothing !

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