Saturday, January 23, 2016

How I Fought Cabin Fever

There was about two feet of snow in NYC today so there was no other choice but to stay at home.  The first thing that I did was to upgrade the Windows 8.1 on my laptop to Windows 10.  I was a little apprehensive aboujt doing it, but it worked out with no problems.  It took about 2 1/2 hours to do.  I caught up on some reading.  I put on my chemistry hat and read a couple of issues of the Chemical and Engineering News.  I also read part of:

Guralnick, P. (2015). Sam Phillips: The man who invented rock 'n' roll.

 I listened to several radio stations (of course) In no particular order:

  • WINS
  • WFAN
  • WFUV
  • Johnny Cash Radio
  • WOLD
  • Pop Gold Radio

Radio XL5

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