Saturday, January 16, 2016

Go Vinny Go - Spoiler Alert

A new episode of Sports Jeopardy is seen on Crackle TV on Wednesday and is available until the following Tuesday.  If you haven't seen the current show, please don't reader further.  I usually watch the show on Saturday mornings.

Vinny did it again.  He won for the 12th time and beat his opponents decisively.  He really lucked out as they changed the rule for season #2.  If he was a contestant last season, he could only win once.  The same thing happened with regular Jeopardy as Ken Jennings won 74 games the first season after the rule limiting the champion to 5 wins was changed.

There was a nice article written about him by Christina Crovetto of the NJIT Office of Strategic Communications.  Since Vinny was a civil engineering major at NJIT, I hope he attended my lecture in Envrionmental Engineering 262 on how to find information in that discipline.

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