Sunday, January 24, 2016

Random Comments on Dig Out Day

There was 26.8 inches of snow measured in Central Park which is the second biggest snowfall in NYC since weather data was first recorded in 1869.  We decided to venture out of the apartment at about 12 noon.  We saw that snow was not plowed from the area where my car is garaged.  That indoor garage is really a blessing since I never have to worry about alternate side of the street parking.  The exterior of my 2000 Chevy Cavalier has been preserved by being indoors most of the time.  We took a walk to the grocery store around the corner and picked up a few things.  From there we walked over to get some pizza.  It was really difficult to negotiate around street corners.

About 3:30 I walked back to the garage area and saw that it was still not plowed.  This is very unusual for my co-op.  It didn't matter that much to me as I don't take my car to work.  I will eventually have to go there to shovel the snow that  blocks my garage door.  A few of my neighbors were angry saying "what do I pay rent for?"  Oh well.

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