Monday, January 18, 2016

Predicting Snowstorms: Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

So far this has been a mild and almost snowless winter in NYC.  The photo above is reminiscent of some previous winters, but not this year.  Last night there was about 1/2 inchof snow, but I heard of a multicar accident in Westchester early this morning caused by slick roads.  Small snowstorms are more of a nuisance since people have to go to work or school while major snowfalls close everything down.

A weather forecast that came out today states that there could be a major storm Friday night into Saturday.  Of course, we have to take things one day at a time and long range forecasts could always change.  There have been fiascos in the past such as the Lindsay Snow Job of 1969 when it took several days for plows to come to parts of Queens.  Mor recently there was a big storm just after Christmas in 2010 while the city was unprepared.  So it is certainly better to be safe than sorry and be prepared.

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