Saturday, December 5, 2015

I Watched Two College Basketball Games Simultaneously Today

Since it was a nice day the family took a drive out to LIU Post in Brookville to see Post play Mercy College.  The Pratt Recreation Center is very attractive facility for a Division II program.  I wonder why LIU Brooklyn is in Division I while LIU Post is Division II.  This game started at 2 PM while the NJIT game against UMass - Lowell started at 3 PM.  In this era of smartphones it was easy to follow both games as the NJIT game was shown on ESPN3.

LIU Post fell behind 29-12 and was behind 43-32 at halftime but they rallied in the second half to win 71-63.

Game Recap

Meanwhile NJIT built a comfortable lead against Lowell in the first half.  When the Post game ended I had to drive home so I obviously could not follow the game until I got home.  After I parked my car I checked my phone and watched the last two minutes of the game.  NJIT won 90-77.

Game Recap

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