Monday, December 28, 2015

Facebook Friends on the Radio

Bob Radil of  the 60s 70s Show on Rewound Radio featured above is one of many of my Facebook friends.  I just looked at my friend list and found so many who have been on the radio now or in the past.  I have decided to compile a list limited to those radio personalities whom I have met.  I will obviously not give their entire radio resume, but just say how I met them and my radio experience with them.  The list is in no particular order:

  • Don Tandler - met at a few of the oldies meets and greets.  Pop Gold Radio and NJ 101.5
  • Cousin Bruce Morrow - met at the Rewound Cruise in 2007.  SiriusXM, WCBS-FM, WABC
  • Rich Appel - the only person who ever gave me a ticket to a Bob Dylan concert.  That Thing with Rich Appel on Rewound Radio
  • Gary Brefini - I have never met him, but spoke to him once on the phone. He is a reader of this journal, Radio XL5
  • Bobby Backman - Cool Bobby B - Another regular person at the oldies meets and greets.  The Doo Wop Stop on SiriusXM
  • Alan Seltzer - oldies meet and greet - WCWP
  • Scott Fybush - I last saw him at the Decalcomania convention in East Brunswick, NJ in July 1995.  WXXI Rochester and publisher of the North East Radio Watch
  • Russ DiBello aka Famous Amos - Oldies Meet and Greet.  WCBS-FM and Jammin 105
  • Tom Lawler - I just heard him today on WLNG.  I met him at the Long Island Radio Day at CW Post.
  • Ron Parker - Met him at a WCBS-FM picnic in Staten Island some years ago.  Work at WCBS-FM.  I think he does part time work on NASH-Fm
  • Jerry Barmash - Long Island Radio Day - WABC
  • Broadway Bill Lee - Came to one oldies meet and greet - WCBS-FM
  • Jim Kerr - Two oldies meets and greets - Q-104.3
  • Pat St, John - oldies meet and greet. WCBS-FM and WPLJ
  • Scott Lowe - oldies meet and greet - WBUX, Bucks County PA
  • Kristen LaBar - oldies meet and greet - Fresh 102.7
  • Joe Causi - WCBS-FM promotion at a Verizon cell phone store
  • Bob Shannon - CBS Radio day at Yankee Stadium - WCBS-FM and WLNG
  • Teddy Smith - the most recent oldies meet and greet - WPAT (AM)

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