Wednesday, December 2, 2015

David Price to get $217 Million For 7 Years From the Boston Red Sox

It was announced that free agent pitcher David Price signed at contract worth $217 million over 7 years with the Boston Red Sox.  This equates to about $1 Million per start. It is very possibe he will be injured somewhere along the line. Also his skills could fade toward the end of his contract. Is any team athlete worth that money? The Red Sox fans will pay for it through higher ticket costs and cable TV fees for NESN.   How much will pitchers like Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, and Noah Syndergaard get when they are eligible for free agency in a few years?

It is sad in a way how society values athletic prowess more than other professional skills.  Doctors and firemen who save lives make a tiny fraction of the money commanded by professional athlete.  The chart below from Business Insider summarizes the average  salaries in the various professional leagues.  The sports fans are paying these salaries indirectly.  I remember years ago paying $1.50 to sit in the upper deck of Shea Stadium.  Those were the days.

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