Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Few Brief Comments About Andrea D. Wiener

About a week ago I sent out a survey asking for feedback about Bruce's Journal.  It has been my experience that very few people respond.  Survey Monkey gives the I.P. address of the responders, so I can determine a little information about my readers.  Here is a quick summary of the two responses I recieved.

1. Someone from Manhattan whose internet service provider is RCN remarked that I made too many typos.  Thanks for your comment.  I will proofread my journal entries more carefully in the future.

2. Someone from New Jersey using Comcast asked me about Oldies Diva Andrea D. Wiener.   She obviously greatly reduced her presence on social media.  She is still on Facebook, but she unfriended me twice.  She never posts on radio message boards or phones into Bob Radil's 60s 70s show or Cousin Brucie's show.  She came to a few of the early oldies meet and greets, but I haven't seen her in several years.

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