Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trying to get back to normal after the storm

Tomorrow will be my first day back to work after superstorm Sandy.  After seeing the devastation on television, I must still count my blessings that my inconveniences over the past week were minimal.  This has to be the worst natural disaster to hit New York City in my lifetime.

My normal commute is tough enough as it is.  Let me try to predict what will happen tomorrow.

1. Bus from home to Main Street - should be normal
2. #7 Train to Times Square - full service on the #7 line resumed yesterday.  I am guessing there will be only local service available.
3.  #1, #2, or #3 to 34th Street Penn Station - Should be normal
4. New Jersey Transit from New York Penn to Newark Penn - Service has resumed on the Northeast Corrider line.  I am guessing that certain trains will be cancelled, so it may take a little longer.
5. Newark Light Rail to NJIT - As of now there is no service.  In the past when the light rail was down substitute bus service was implemented.  There has not been an announcement about this yet.  If I have to I can walk 1 mile from Newark Penn to NJIT.

We all must take this ordeal one day at a time.

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