Friday, November 2, 2012

Keith Whitener - A Chemist is a 7 Time Winner on Jeopardy

I think I should finally change the subject and move away from Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.  There have been many librarians on Jeopardy who were big winners on Jeopardy.  Vijay Balse was a chemical engineer who was a big winner on the show, but until now I can not remember any research chemists who won big on my favorite TV show.  Keith Whitener from Charlotte, NC introduced as a research chemist won 7 times with about $148,000 in winnings.  In a tough match tonight, he didn't make it to victory #8.  I congratulate him will be rooting for him when he returns for the Tournament of Champions.

I used my librarian skills and found 3 publications of his in Scopus.  There are likely more in Scifinder Scholar, but I was just lazy :)  He published in some prestigious journals.

Whitener Jr., K. E., Cross, R. J., Saunders, M., Iwamatsu, S. -., Murata, S., Mizorogi, N., & Nagase, S. (2009). Methane in an open-cage [60]fullerene. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131(18), 6338-6339. Retrieved from
Whitener Jr., K. E., Frunze, M., Iwamatsu, S. -., Murata, S., Cross, R. J., & Saunders, M. (2008). Putting ammonia into a chemically opened fullerene. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130(42), 13996-13999. Retrieved from
Whitener, K. E. (2010). Theoretical studies of CH4 inside an open-cage fullerene: Translation - rotation coupling and thermodynamic effects. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 114(45), 12075-12082. Retrieved from

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