Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eventful Thanksgiving Weekend

1.  I got a haircut.  I was lucky on Wednesday since as soon as I walked into the shop, the barber was able to take me.
2. The Bob Dylan concert at Barclay's Center - see earlier entry.
3.  Thanksgiving Dinner at Joyce's house in Dix Hills.  Mom seems to be feeling better, but arthritis at age 93 is rough.
4. The movie Skyfall with Daniel Craig.  It was good, but I prefer the earlier Bond movies with Sean Connery as 007.
5.  I received the Rolling Stones Greatest Hits CD set called Grr.  I have several of the early Rolling Stones albums on vinyl.
6.  I received two Bob Dylan Magazines:
-Isis - a British Fanzine
-Montague Street - a Dylan literary magazine edited by Brooklynite Nina Goss.
7.  I saw the movie Lincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis.  It was excellent
8.  I got an iPhone5.  I had an iPhone 3 GS for about three years so it was time for an upgrade.  I spent sometime this afternoon learning how to using the IOS 6 operating system and downloading apps that I used for the older model..  There will be a learning curve on using the new model.  When will the iPhone 6 come out?

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