Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Misadventure on the Gasoline Line this morning

This was a very trying week for with commuting to work.  New Jersey Transit was on a reduced schedule while I confronted two major commuting delays not related to the storms.  Since I have an even numbered plate, I felt I should try to fill up my gas tank.  I consulted the Gas Buddy web site which indicated a station at 17th rd had gas with waiting less than 30 minutes.  I drove over there and discovered they had no gas.  Gas Buddy indicated that a station near my home at 20th Avenue and Parsons Blvd. was open.  I used that station several times for repairs and was happy with their service.  When I passed by there they appeared to be open.  I got on line at 8:15, but after 15 minutes there was absolutely no movement.  I really didn't need the aggravation of waiting indefinitely, so I decided to leave the line and drove home.  If I needed my car for business, I likely would have waited it out.  My gas gauge now read 1/4 tank left, so I most have about 4 gallons left.  It is a shame that one must use gasoline to find gasoline.

At about 10:30, I rechecked Gas Buddy which stated that this station didn't start pumping gas until 8:45 with about a 90 minute wait.  I feel that I made the right decision since I did not want to risk missing the Oldies Meet and Greet or go there aggravated about my search for gas.  Hopefully in the days to come this situation will alleviate itself with deliveries to more stations.  I did search Twitter using the tag #queensgas. It seems that in other parts of Queens there were short lines for gas.

I still must count my blessings that my inconveniences from Hurricane Sandy were minimal.  Sadly many lost power for several days while others lost their homes.

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