Monday, May 24, 2010

Scott Fybush - Facebook Friend of the Day - I didn't know he was a Dylan fan

I met Scott Fybush around 1993 when we were both joined Decalcomania, a club of radio enthusiasts. I did trade airchecks with him back then when he lived in the Boston area when he worked as a writer for WBZ. He since moved back to Rochester where he now works for WXXI. I last saw him in July 1995 when the Decalcomania convention was held in East Brunswick, NJ. I think I have kept in touch with him electronically on and off since then.

Scott has certainly earned the title of Distinguished Professor of Radio Towers. If you have a question about towers, past or present, Scott will know it. When I take NJ Transit I always see the towers for WEPN and WMCA and think about Scott. He is extremely knowledgeable in a wide range of radio topics and posts regularly to several message boards.

For the first time today I found out that Scott is also a big fan of Bob Dylan. Today he used the photo of Dylan from Blood on the Tracks as his Facebook photo while I used the one from New Morning. He commented on my Facebook note imported from Bruce's Journal on Zimmy's birthday. Radio shows about Dylan should make us both very happy. I have many tapes of them in my collection. I'll have to dig them out and play them.

I hope that the next time Scott comes to the NYC area I hope we can hook up.

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