Monday, May 31, 2010

Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs

Rolling Stone Magazine recently published a list of 500 Greatest Songs of all times chosen based on votes by 172 musicians, critics, and music-industry figures. Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan was voted #1. Radio stations of different formats often get votes from listeners on their top hits of all time and play them back usually on a holiday weekend. For every person voting there are different reasons for voting. A popular song by an artist is not necessary the best. Like a Rolling Stone is certainly Dylan's biggest hit as it peaked at #2 on the Billboard Charts. It is a very powerful song, though very bitter in tone. Every time that a radio station has a vote I always vote for it and it usually ends up high in the voting, but not necessarily #1. I do that because this is likely the only Dylan song that would chart very high.

In reality the songs that are my favorites have personal significance for me. I have posted many songs in this journal that have affected me emotionally over the years. Many have been written by Dylan but other artists and songwriters have influenced me greatly.

I would never criticize anyone else's choice of favorite song or artist.

I always get a kick out of Sebastian Cabot's reading of Like a Rolling. Facebook friend can hear it at

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