Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan - It's A New Morning

The New Morning album was recorded during the summer of 1970 and released in October. It was done a few months after the release of Self Portrait that was highly criticized by the music community. I pulled out my vinyl copy of it and listened to it this afternoon. It is certainly one of the most optimistic songs in the Dylan catalog. It does not appear on Youtube, so my readers can listen at

The Never Ending Tour resumes May 29th after a two month hiatus. Bob was supposed to tour in China, but their government wouldn't allow him in the country.

I certainly wish Bob a happy and healthy birthday and hope that the year to come is very productive and artistically successful for him. May he stay forever young.

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babyjojo107 said...

happy birthday bob dylan i love you thanks for keeping it real god bless you babyjojo107

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