Saturday, May 29, 2010

Famous Amos Facebook Friend of the Day

This Famous Amos does not make cookies. His real name is Russ DiBello who works in radio. It is a small world since I found at that he is a cousin to Barbara Kebbekus, a retired chemistry professor at NJIT.

This morning Lee and I went to the Bay Terrace Mall. We went to Barnes and Nobles to buy a few baseball books to read on the Jay Buckley Baseball Tour. We stopped by the FYE, one of the few music stores left and bought the reissued Rolling Stones CD Exile on Main Street. On the way home Famous was on WCBS-FM filling in for Broadway Bill Lee. Famous really bashed a moderator of a well know radio message board. This person unfairly criticized Russ's professional abilities. I have always enjoyed listening to him on the radio and wish him well in his professional endeavors.

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