Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Springfield Mass Trip Day 1

I took may laptop computer on vacation as suggested by many of my friends. Here I am in the Hilton Garden Inn typing my journal entry. We left Queens at 8 AM and arrived at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame 11 AM. We jsut ran into some traffic around Farifield, CT due to a jacknifed tractor trailer. The basketball hall has been in this building since 2002. Karen and I visited the previous building in 1987 before Lee was born. There was a big rotounda where there was a photo of every inductee from college, professional and womens basketball. Many coaches and executives were also included. On the second floor there were many interactive exhbits. The lower floor was a basketball court where anyone can shoot some hoops. We took plenty of pictures, but won't upload them until we return home.

I certainly checked out some radio stations on the trip up:

WXPK - The Peak from Westchester County, NY
WEBE - Westport
WPLR - New Haven
WDRC-FM - Hartford
WAQY - Springfield

It is hard to evaluate radio stations in the car when there is also road noise.

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