Sunday, June 7, 2009

Article about Blogging in Today's New York Times

I was sitting on a park bench in Alley Pond Park today when I read an article in today's New York Times titled Blogs falling in an Empty Forest written by Douglas Quenqua. The article states that Technorati reports that out of 133 million blogs that it tracks only 7.4 million have been updated in th past 120 days meaning that 95% of all blogs have been abandoned. I am pleased to say that this blog has been active since its inception in October 2005 while my work related blog has been active since August 2008. I deleted one or two short term blogs that I started a few years ago.

The blogger must be careful to realize that anyone can read the contents of a blog. I have seen that Google indexes Bruce's Journal within minutes. I am especially careful not to criticize anyone at work. I receive lots of statistics from Google Analytics on how many times the journal is hit and which postings are the most popular. Very few people have posted comments to this journal. I vet comments to this journal before allowing them to be posted, but I allow all comments except those that are unfairly critical of me. I know some of the people who follow this journal regularly. Some people have used search engines and found postings about Saturday Night Oldies, WABC Rewound, Citifield, Jahn's ice cream parlor, Camp Wel-Met, and jury duty among other topics.

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