Monday, June 29, 2009

Bus and Subway Fares Go Up in NYC

I can remember way back in the early to mid 1960s the fare in NYC was 15 cents. Over the weekend it went up to $2.25. There are various fare discounts that regular riders can use to save some money. You can get unlimited rides for 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days. However, for those fares riders must go for more than one trip a day or ride the buses and trains regularly on weekends. I take advantage of the 15% discount when one buys a Metrocard for $8 or more. Since the fare is an odd number at $2.25, there is a little complication involved in "zeroing out a card." This morning I had $12 on my card which was reduced to $9.75 when I rode this morning. I had to go to one of the Metrocard machines as seen above to add $1.50 to my card to get to $11.25 which will go to zero after 5 rides. In the future I will have to put $20 on my card, let it go to a low amount and add $25 to get to a number divisible by $2.25. And so it goes.

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