Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some Memories of Brooklyn

Today I was at a library conference at Brooklyn College. I will write it up tomorrow in my professional blog , but I want to devote this entry to some memories of the borough of Brooklyn.

  • I was actually born in Brooklyn in what is known today as Brookdale Hospital. My parents and I lived with my grandmother in the Williamsburg section until I was 2 years old when we moved to Queens.
  • I always hated driving on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway since the traffic was always terrible.
  • I went to library school at Pratt Institute from 1979-82. Most of my classes were on the weekends
  • From 1968 - 1972 I dated several girls who lived in Brooklyn
  • My Aunt Rebecca and Uncle George lived in the Crown Heights section for many years
  • Karen's Uncle Irving and Aunt Rose lived in the Georgetown section across from Gil Hodges Lanes
  • My good friend Roy lives in Brooklyn Heights
  • I enjoyed going to the Transit Museum in downtown Brooklyn

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