Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Police in the Subway should pay more attention to major crimes

Riding between subway cars is illegal in NYC, but is certainly not a major crime. There is a gentleman about 50 years old with prematurely gray hair who is often at the bus stop at 6:45 AM each morning. I am not acquainted with him, but I always notice that he is reading a scholarly book on the bus. He as I gets off the bus and transfers to the #7 subway. I was walking on the platform to board the train when I saw him being pulled over by a transit cop who said to him "do you know that it is illegal to walk between subways cars whether or not the train is moving?" The cop asked him for ID. I had to walk away and mind my own business. I hope this gentleman did not receive a summons for this very minor offense. Perhaps he just got a warning.

Anyway, I really feel that police officers should really be looking for major crime on the trains.
In this day and age there is always the threat of terrorism in the subway. I often see aggressive panhandlers on the train, but the police are nowhere to be found. Likewise in Penn Station I see police officers looking for fare beaters. That is illegal, but I still think the police should be more concerned with more serious issues.

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Anonymous said...

Why should they be? This is their easiest way to make money; you hardly ever find them sticking their necks out. I moved from Rego Park/Elmhurst to FL 25 years ago (worst mistake), and here there are 16 cops at the poshest high school enforcing traffic. But wait - the crossing guards are while the cops b.s. 3 to an intersection over 2 intersections. Probably a block away someone's getting mugged, raped or having the home robbed. Case in point.

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