Friday, February 27, 2009

New Alternative Version of Beatles Revolution?

This morning I was listening to Claudia Marshall on WFUV when she said that there may be a newly uncovered version the the Beatles' Revolution which was the B side of Hey Jude. I did some Googling and found the following link . This article gave the Youtube audio of this version. The article also suggested that that it could be the work of a fan who manipulated bits and pieces of various Beatles songs' to compile this audio. Anyway, the audio was taken away since it violated copyright.

Tonight I turned on Bob Radil's 60s and 70s show on WNHU - New Haven which is heard on the web at . At about 7:50, he played this version. Luckily he was able to download it before it was taken away. I had my record on and have an MP3 of it that can be downloaded at

There is a little extaneous noise. You can hear the notorious AOL voice saying "You Got Mail". Oh well.

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