Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Pink Panther

We had wanted to go to a college basketball on Long Island but the weather forecast was very threatening.  It hasn't snpwed yet, but I was afraid of having to drive home in a snowstorm.  They are prediciting 8-12 inches.  Instead we went to see the new Pink Panther movie starring Steve Martin.  I was never a movie buff, but I just loved the theme song as played by Henry Mancini.  Back in 1978-81 I was active in a group called Queens B'nai Brith Singles.  There was a real gossip in the group named Lenny.  He would make up stories about anybody and anything.  I made a tape of my reciting his gossip with the Pink Panther theme playing in the background. I spy Queens Bnai Brith Singles, I know things about you that you don't even know.  I know that Howard was so cheap that he asked Gary for gas just to go two miles.  I actually made a tape of Lenny's gossip with the theme in the background.  I actually had enough gossip for 10 playings of the theme.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you don't have any former NJITer's on tape!

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