Saturday, February 18, 2006

Johnny Cash Day

Since this blog entry is going to be about country music, I will listen to country music while I am writing it.  I cannot pinpoint how Lee became interested in Johnny Cash.  Before he was born, I only had one record that was issued in 1969 long before Lee was born.  Over the years we have collected several CDs of the Man in Black.  We really like the early stuff that was released on the Sun label.  My November 11th entry discussed Walk the Line, the movie.  Over the years I have only been to a few Broadway shows since they are so expensive.  Last year we saw the Elvis Presley show All Shook up which only ran a few months on Broadway. I had wanted to see Lennon The Musical, but it closed after only a few weeks. I read about the upcoming Ring of Fire show that features the music of Johnny Cash.  The previews began February 8th.  I wanted to get the tickets early since I was afraid the show would close.  If Broadway did not accept the King, would it accept the Man in Black?  The official opening of Ring of Fire is March 12th.  We enjoyed the show that was not a biography like the movie.  The performers sang the songs of Johnny Cash.


After the movie, we ate dinner at Friday’s in Times Square.  We could not resist walking into the Virgin Music store a block away.  I bought Lee a DVD of Johnny Cash’s appearance on Austin City Limits in the 1980s.  When I logged into AOL tonight there was an advertisement for the DVD Walk the Line which will be released February 28th.  I order thatalong with the original Pink Panther movie starring Peter Sellers.

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