Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Bob Dylan news

Here I go again, it is after 9:30 PM and I am listening to Breakfast with the Beatles thinking about Bob Dylan.  Anyway in 2003, there was a CD released called Gotta Serve Somebody:  The Gospel songs of Bob Dylan.  I have in my CD many genre specific cover compilations of Dylan covers.  This is obviously one of them.  I just received a DVD documenting the making of this CD.  See the link below for more information.


 I have bought music and videos for years online, but I greatly miss running to music stores to buy new releases.  This DVD nicely complements Dylan, Rolling Thunder, and the Gospel years as described in my January 23rd entry.


Here is another bit of Dylan news from today’s New York Newsday.  Tony award winner Twyla Tharp plans on bringing her new musical “The Times They Are A-Changin’” which is set to the songs of Bob Dylan to Broadway her publicist announced yesterday.  Exact dates and the theater will be announced later.  This show is now playing in San Diego.  A review may be found at


 Say Pagebyrner, how far is from Prescott to San Diego?


Heard at 4:05 PM today "Is there anything else for the good of the other?"


Anonymous said...

Bruce, you seem to be so up to date as far as Dylan goes-- do you know if he is currently married?  I am trying to finish my term paper for my American Music class and I don't have anything recent pertaining to family life.   thanks in advance for any help.  Kimberly in Florida

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce, San Diego is about 7 hours from Prescott.  Hopefully the musical will travel to Arizona.  The only thing I hate about being a Dylan fan is none of my friends, save Tom, are fans.  So when I want to do anything "Dylan" either I do it with Tom or not at all.  Nobody in my family (not even my wife) has ever gotten into him--their loss.

If you heard those immortal words so late in the day (4:05 PM), this can only mean one thing--Faculty Library Committee meeting.  Get this, I have tomorrow off for Presidents Day.  Do you still take it off even though NJIT doesn't?

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