Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blizzard Today

Now they are calling for up to 16 inches of snow in the NYC area.  It looks like we'll have to stay home all day.  I was looking through some old VHS tapes and found the Biography from A&E of Al Lewis who recently passed away.  Some years ago Karen taped Titanic.  We saw the movie in the theater, but never viewed the tape.  It picked the wrong day to snow.  For all we know NJIT may be closed tomorrow.  Just have to wait and see,

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Anonymous said...

I know the library was closed today. I was babysitting for Jim last night and ended up spending the night.

I drove home ok.  Just very slowly. I do wish that it snowed tomorrow instead. I think we could use a snow day. There's no holidays off in february. :)

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