Tuesday, May 7, 2024

The College Point Multiplex Will Close Permanently Today

On January 6, 2024, I reported in this journal about the demise of movie theaters in Queens.  Today is the last day for the College Point Multiplex.  Star Wars the Phantom Menace was the first movie I saw there in 1999 while Ghost Busters Frozen Empire was the last one I saw about a month ago.  I estimate that I saw 800-1000 movies there in its 25 years.  It was always nice to have a movie theater within walking distance of home, especially on a cold and rainy day when there was nothing else to do.

My major criticism is that they only featured the mass appeal movies that are appropriate for a younger audience.  Many Academy Award-winning films were never shown there.  Very often,  I had to travel to Manhattan or other parts of Queens to see an independent film that is suited for older adults.

Life goes on and in the future, I will have to go to Bayside or Fresh Meadows to see a movie.

 Noourulain Kawaja of NY1 reported on the closing of the theater.  A 30-year-old man she interviewed was heartbroken.  I had the pleasure of meeting her when she interviewed me for a story on the future of Whitestone Lanes.

I assume the theater owners will try to sell about 1000 seats in the 12 auditoriums in the complex.  Then the building will be torn down and replaced by a large warehouse.


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