Friday, May 17, 2024

Bicyclists Should Respect Pedestrians and Use Common Sense


I would like to add to an entry I wrote in November 2020 on bicycle safety November 2020 on bicycle safety.  Many bicyclists just don't know courtesy.  Yesterday I was walking along a narrow sidewalk and a bicycle just whizzed by me.  I yelled at home saying "You can say excuse me". but he didn't turn around.  This was an adult, not a kid.  A law in NYC states that anyone over 12 years old may not ride a bike on a sidewalk.  Obviously, it can not be enforced.  At times, I see adults riding bicycles in the garage area in my development.  They appear to be riding recreationally, not to get from point A to point B.  On Union Street in Flushing, there is a bike path but cyclists still ride on the sidewalk.  They rarely obey red lights and stop signs.

There is just nothing that can be done about this.  There cannot be a cop on every street.  I've read that the police have confiscated e-bikes that are ridden on sidewalks in downtown Flushing.

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