Monday, May 27, 2024

Street Wars: Have E-Bikes Made New York City a ‘Nightmare’? by Dodai Stewart in the New York Times

 I am inviting followers of Bruce's Journal to read this timely article in the New York Times.  I have discussed this issue a few times in this journal.  It does harm the quality of life in NYC.  I am aghast of the lack of courtesy of e-bike and traditional bicycle riders likely to be adults whether they just want to get from point A to point B faster or are riding recreationally.  On Union Street between 28th Avenue and 31st Road there is a very wide sidewalk by retail businesses.  Cyclists regularly ignore the bike path just a few feet away and endanger pedestrians.  Out of habit, I walk far to the right so cyclists can pass me.  You can't hear them when they come from behind.  I am not aware of statistics of accidents with cyclists, pedestrians, and automobiles.

Ms. Stewart did an excellent job of stating the problem but did not offer solutions.  But are there solutions?
  • There cannot be a police officer on every street monitoring this.
  • I suggest that e-bikes over a certain size be registered with the DMV.  It would take an act of the legislature to do this.  That will not happen.
  • E-bikes used for deliveries should be labeled with the name of the business.  That will not happen,
I suggest everyone use their eyes and ears and watch out.

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