Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Tuesday Afternoon Trivia at the Older Adult Center


On most Tuesday afternoons there is a one-hour trivia session at the older adult center in Bayside.  It is one activity when I don't have to hear anyone complain or monopolize the conversation.  Most questions are relatively easy as the social worker picks them from a nostalgia book.  I gave her some cards from a Jeopardy game I had at home.

Women predominate in all the activities at the older adult centers.  Demographically there are more older women alive than men. Few men are attracted to the activities offered there.  I don't ask personal questions of the attendees, but I assume most are widowed.  Couples just don't need to be there.

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Robin Kanis said...

Funny…at our center many men attend a variety of activities. Yes; I’d say the majority are women, but men come to play Bridge, Pinochle, and we even have a gentleman who plays Samba (a variation of Canasta). A man also is the weekly current affairs discussion group leader.

Hope all is well with you and Lee!

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