Friday, April 5, 2024

Random Thoughts of the Day - April 5, 2024

When there is an unknown phone number on my Caller ID. I usually don't pick it up.  Yesterday when a local area code was on the Caller ID, I decided to answer.  The person asked for my late wife, Karen.  When I said she passed away, the caller immediately hung up.  It was likely a spam call.

On Monday evening, I received a call from a recently retired former colleague.  This was the first time in six years someone from my former employer took the initiative to contact me.  I must move on and let go of the past.

Recently, I have forgotten the crazy dreams that I had overnight.  They didn't make sense anyway.

I am not panicking over the slow start of the New York Mets.  Over a long season, things will even out.  The pitching is good right now, but the hitting is poor.


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