Thursday, April 25, 2024

My Comments about Some Stories in the News - April 25, 2024

  • The situations in Israel and Gaza are tragic.  Hamas started the conflict by killing 1200 Israeli civilians and holding over 200 hostages.  At least 100 are still held by Hamas.  I support Israel but believe that they went too far in killing over 34,000 Palestinians in their attempt to destroy Hamas.  The best solution would be for Hamas to release the hostages and acknowledge Israel's right to exist.  Then Israel would stop the hostilities.  It is easier said than done.
  • Pro-Palestinian protests have been held at prestigious universities such as Columbia, NYU, Harvard, and Yale.  Students have a right to protest, but it must be done peacefully and without disrupting the university's academic mission.  It reminds me of my time as a student when there were protests against American involvement in the Vietnam War.
  • The situation in Ukraine is also tragic.  The Russians don't seem to want to give up.
  • A sitting or former president is not above the law.  The Supreme Court is hearing testimony to determine if Trump has immunity since the crimes he allegedly committed were while he was President.
  • It would be a worldwide tragedy if Trump was re-elected President.  I don't understand why anybody wants to vote for him after what he has said and done over the years.


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