Saturday, April 6, 2024

More Frustration with the Older Adult Centers


I want to go to the older adult centers to derive enjoyment, but this endeavor has failed for me.  By the way, an older adult is a euphemism for senior citizen.  I can be derisive and call them old farts or to use the Yiddish expression alta cocker.

Most of my experiences have been disappointing.  This organization has locations in Little Neck, Bayside, and Forest Hills.  At first, I went to the Little Neck Center which had discussion groups.  I attended three groups for a few months.  The problem was that often a few people monopolized the conversation, and I just couldn't get a word in edgewise.  Other times, the topic at hand was not of interest to me.  I thought the social workers who led the group should have done a better job at moderating.  Out of disgust, I stopped going.

After a few months I started to go to the groups at the Bayside location.  I was especially interested in the trivia group they had there.  There were also other discussion groups.  I thought the social worker there was more personable and the smaller groups were allowed for more equal participation.  The groups were alright for a while, but then people complained about various issues.  Why must I listen to a woman talking about her medical ailments and bitching about her insurance company?  Another woman related a sob story in her family.  I observe that there is a rift between the men and women coming.  I’m not going there to get a date, but I wish the people would be friendlier.

I will continue to go to the trivia group, but likely I will never go to the discussion groups and feel frustrated and saddened by what transpires.  I would be happier staying home and reading a good book.




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