Thursday, January 19, 2023

Remembering David Crosby (1941-2023)


David Crosby when he was with the Byrds

I heard the news today of the passing of David Crosby today at age 81, I first knew of David Crosby in 1965 when he was one of the five original Byrds who hit the #1 spot on the charts with a cover of Dylan's Mr. Tambourine man.  He has appeared several times in this journal  I didn't even remember that I read his autobiography Since Then: How I survived Everything and Lived to Tell About it.  Three and a half years ago I saw a documentary about him titled David Crosby Remember My Name.  He certainly had a very difficult life as she had a chronic drug problem and even spent some time in jail.  He had a liver transplant in 1994 and lived over 28 years after that operation.

He was fired from the Byrds and formed the "supergroup" Crosby, Stills, and Nash (sometimes with Neil Young). He later performed as a solo artist.  He was elected twice to the Rock n Roll Have of Fame with the two groups.

I cannot detail his entire life here so I will refer my readers to the Wikipedia article.

I will complete this journal entry with two songs that he wrote.

Everybody has been Burned

Almost Cut My Hair

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