Saturday, December 3, 2022

Time Will Tell if the Mets Made the Right Decision in Not Signing Jacob deGrom

Last night we received the news that Jacob deGrom signed with the Texas Rangers for five years and $185 Million.  It is certainly disappointing for all Met fans that he is jumping ship.  It shows that players do not show loyalty.  He certainly has an excellent record in his nine seasons with the Mets as he won two Cy Young Awards.

The drawback is that deGrom has been injury prone throughout his career.  In 2021-22 he missed 13 months as the Mets paid his salary of over $30 million for that period.  As any athlete ages, he/she becomes more prone to injuries.  deGrom will be 39 years old at the end of his contract.  Will he show the same effectiveness for the Rangers as he did for the Mets?  Will he spend substantial time on the injury list?  Only time will tell.

At least he didn't sign with the Yankees or a team in the NL East.  The Texas Rangers are scheduled to play at Citi Field at the end of August.  Will deGrom do what Syndergaard did in 2022 are conveniently be skipped in the rotation at that time? 


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