Thursday, December 15, 2022

Scott Shannon's Retirement from WCBS-FM Does Not Affect Me


For at least 25 years I was an avid listener to WCBS-FM as they were America's premier oldies station with fantastic personalities including Harry Harrison, Ron Lundy, Bill Brown, Bobby Jay, Bob Shannon, and Max Kinkel among others.  I don't want to discuss the Jack fiasco, but WCBS-FM has used a strategy to attract younger listeners by playing hits from the 1980s and later.  As many of the DJs retired or passed away, they were succeeded by personalities who left WPLJ.  This is part of their strategy to attract younger listeners.

In 2014 Scott Shannon became the morning personality and brought the "Morning Zoo" style with him. At that point in time, I all but abandoned the station, since I prefer a music-intensive show in morning drive.  Also, 80s music is not my cup of tea.  WFUV, WABC (for Cousin Brucie) and WBGO are the only terrestrial stations I listen for music.  I listen to Pop Gold Radio and Rewound Radio for oldies.  I listen to several stations on SiriusXM.  I only listen to WCBS-FM on Sunday mornings for Scott Shannon's "America's Greatest Hits".

Scott says he will continue on the radio with his Sunday show and with his True Oldie Channel. There was an interview with Scott on Fox 5 this morning.  John Foxx will succeed him.  There is speculation about whether his leaving the morning gig at WCBS-FM was voluntary or not.  Audacy, the parent company of WCBS-FM is having financial problems and may have wanted to cut a large salary.

I wish Scott all the best in his future endeavors.

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