Sunday, July 17, 2022

Former WCBS-FM Radio Personality Don K. Reed Has Passed Away

 Several people announced the passing of Don K. Reed on Facebook.  Since several people made this announcement, I must sadly believe it is true.  He is best known for hosting the Doo Wop on Sunday nights from 7 PM-Midnight.  He certainly kept alive this genre of music that was very popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  He left WCBS-FM when it flipped to the dreaded Jack format in 2005.  When WCBS-FM was relaunched in July 2007 Don came back to host the radio greats show on the last Sunday of every month.  He also appeared on internet oldies radio stations and hosted concerts.  I wrote an article titled Spotlight on Don K. Reed in this journal in February 2009.

Yours truly with Don K. Reed at the Long Island Radio Day in 2010

I'd also like to comment on announcing passings on social media.  Announcing the passing should state the source of information.  Citing a family remember or a publication would be appropriate.  I am not accusing anyone of malicious intent, but please be careful.

Alan Berman with Don at the Long Island Radio Day in 2010

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