Monday, July 18, 2022

Isis, a Bob Dylan Fanzine will Cease Publication

 For several years I subscribed to Isis described as a magazine run by Dylan fans for Dylan fans.  Some of the articles were scholarly while others were popular in nature.  I  always enjoyed reading it.

Today I received an email from publisher Derek Barker stating the next issue will be the last. He states "events of the past two years – COVID, Brexit, and soaring costs worsened by Putin’s war – have combined to make running any subscription-based venture an absolute nightmare."  He thought about issuing it in an online format but still felt that the costs would be extraordinarily high.

I thank Derek and his wife Tracy for their efforts over the years in publishing this excellent fanzine.  I believe it outlived many other similar publications.  I also thank the many contributing authors.

ISIS Magazine Ltd is continuing to trade as usual (books, CDs, vinyl, back issues, etc.)

I wish Derek and Tracy well in their future endeavors.  I realize this was a difficult decision to make.

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Bruce S said...

On August 22, 2022 the publishers announced that Isis will continue as an online-only publication.

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