Wednesday, March 16, 2022

My Thoughts on Adopting Year-Round Daylight Savings Time


The United States Senate voted unanimously to adopt year-round daylight savings time.  The bill will then go to the House of Representatives and then to the President's desk.  It is inevitable that it will go into law.  The question is what date will this go into effect?

I never had a problem with changing the clock twice a year.  There are issues involved with year-round DST.
  • During the winter months, sunrise will not be until after 8 AM in NYC.  In the western parts of the eastern time zone sunrise may be closer to 9 AM.  Would this endanger young children that have to walk to school?
  • Arizona and Hawaii are on standard time year-round.  I assume they will have to make the switch to DST.
  • Will year-round DST result in energy savings?  People will now need their lights on in the mornings.

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