Thursday, July 16, 2020

Random Thoughts for the Middle of July

It was easier to apply for a refund for my Mets tickets over the phone than it was doing it online.  They will add the funds to the credit card that I used to buy the tickets, but as of now I only received money for tickets through May.

I rechecked the Yankees web site and since I bought the tickets at the Stadium I can't exchange them until next season.  Who knows what will happen in 2021.  The blasted Coronavirus isn't going away anytime soon.  It is possible that in 2021 ballparks will be open, but with limited seating.

I just got a significant discount on my automobile insurance if a paid the full 6-month premium at once.

This civil unrest is just excessive.  I think the "powers that be" have heard them and already have made changes.  I guess there are too many people with nothing to do.  It is unfortunate that the entire police department is demonized by the actions of a few.  I think that more training is needed in the use of weapons and in the proper manner of apprehending a suspect who is resisting arrest.

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