Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Abolish the Electoral College

Every time I think of Donald Trump I curse the electoral college that put him into office even though Hillary Clinton received 3 million more popular votes.  Every so often I hear of someone in Congress introducing a bill to abolish it, but apparently, the bill is killed in a committee.  Today, there was a good editorial by Jesse Wegman in the New York Times calling for its abolition.

Here is a quote from that editorial:

Before it vaulted him into the White House, Donald Trump saw how corrosive this feature was: “The Electoral College is a disaster for a democracy,” he tweeted on election night 2012, when he believed that his candidate, Mitt Romney, would defeat President Barack Obama in the popular vote and yet lose the election.)

Hopefully, this year Trump will lose decisively the popular vote and the electoral college.

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