Saturday, July 18, 2020

I Wonder if Some New York City Workers are Being Paid for Doing Nothing

I regularly pass by an elementary school in my neighborhood which, of course, has been closed since March as students are taught through online learning at home.  Until the end of June, I saw two school crossing guards by the school.  Why are they needed?  Are they being paid for just standing around?

In July I have twice seen two school security officers sitting around the playground adjacent to the elementary school.  I must ask again, what are they needed?  Why should taxpayers support workers who are doing nothing?

I also wonder if public library workers are performing tasks at home.  How many reference questions are handled every day by librarians working at home? 

There are severe budget problems in the city as revenue is diminished by less money coming in from people who lost their jobs and businesses that are suffering.  If there is no work for these people, they should be laid off.  Sadly, millions of people working for profit-making organizations have lost their jobs.  Businesses don't pay workers for doing nothing.  Likewise, government agencies must ensure there is productive work for people getting paid.

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