Thursday, July 30, 2020

Cousin Bruce Morrow is Leaving SiriusXM after 15 Years - Facts and My Speculation

Yours truly with Cousin Bruce on the WABC Cruise in June 2007

Last night Cousin Brucie announced that he is leaving SiriusXM.  He emphasized that he was not retiring.  Keith Gehring, a poster on the Fans of Cousin Brucie Facebook page posted the audio of the announcement.   I initiated the Fans of Cousin Bruce Morrow Facebook Page in the early days of Facebook c. 2007.  It predates Cousin Brucie's Official Friendship Page.

The Cuz really loves his job playing the oldies and talking to listeners.  Is he leaving voluntarily?  Perhaps he is as he is approaching his 85th birthday.  He is energetic and doesn't appear to have health issues.  Maybe 60+ years on the radio is enough.  SiriusXM is a business and must watch the bottom line.  I am sure that in this recession caused by the COVID-19 crisis many listeners have dropped their subscriptions to SiriusXM which is not an essential service to its customers.  My sense is that he is being let go as an economy move.  I am also certain that many listeners will drop their subscriptions to SiriusXM since they can no longer listen to Cousin Bruce there.

The Cuz said that you'll hear me again, but where?  I doubt he will go back to WCBS-FM since he is not associated with the 1980s hits that the station now plays.  A friend of a friend believes he will go back to WABC which is a news talk station under new management.  I doubt if WABC will go back to oldies on weekends.  It is possible that the Cuz could do a specialty show from time to time on WABC.  It is possible that he could start his own internet radio station similar to Jonathan Schwartz's Jonathan Channel.  It is also possible that he will appear on new fundraising programs seen on PBS as he has done this in the past.

Certainly, everyone wishes the best for the Cuz.  God Bless Him.

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