Wednesday, May 20, 2020

WCBS-FM is Doing a "Listener-Generated" Countdown for Memorial Day Weekend

A radio tradition is returning to WCBS-FM this weekend as they will be airing a "listener-generated" countdown of the "Greatest Hits of All-Time.  This issue has been discussed on various radio message boards over the years.  The station will only play hits consistent with their format and will also juggle numbers around to get a desirable music mix. 

I rarely listen to WCBS-FM anymore since they focus on the 1980s hits which are not my "cup of tea".  They don't want listeners in their 70s like me anyway,  Just to be "spiteful" I voted the following as my top hits of all time.

  1. In the Still of the Night by the Five Satins
  2. Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan
  3. Mr. Tambourine Man by the Byrds
For years In the Still of the Night was voted the #1 oldie by WCBS-FM listeners.  Now the word "oldie" is forbidden by people in the radio business.

I guess you can't argue with success as WCBS-FM consistently does well in the monthly radio ratings.

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