Friday, May 22, 2020

Random Thoughts about the Coronavirus Situation

I sense that people are getting more and more restless about the "Pause" inactivity due to the Coronavirus.  It is a "drag" to have to go outside wearing a mask, but we must do it to stop the spread of this dreadful disease.  Thankfully, the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths are going down, but it will not go down to zero until there is a vaccine.  Once a vaccine is developed, it will take a long time to mass-produce it and distribute it to billions.

I tend to doubt there will be a baseball season in 2020.  There are two many medical complications in protecting the players, managers, coaches, trainers, and others from the dreadful virus.  Many players are complaining about getting less money.  They are greedy as they are making millions by playing a boy's game.  Owners feel that they will lose more money if games are played in front of empty stadiums.

I don't think that basketball and hockey should resume their seasons.  All, but the diehard fans have likely lost interest.

There is also a question about professional football where there is the most body contact and likelihood to spread the virus.  Would they have to play in empty or partially-filled stadiums?

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