Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Watching TV News is So Depressing These Days

I always like to keep informed by watching local and national TV news broadcasts.  However, the situation with COVID-19 is so depressing.  The saddest stories that I have seen:
  • A few weeks ago 60 Minutes reported refrigerated trailers outside of hospitals in NYC with bodies waiting to be buried.
  • There was a story on the local news reporting there were non-refrigerated trailers outside a funeral home in Brooklyn.  The local residents complained about the stench of the decaying bodies.
Governor Andrew Cuomo is very compelling and like his father is an excellent public speaker.  He wants the best for his constituents in this terrible pandemic.  We can not normalize and then see a recurrence of the coronavirus.  Sadly, such a recurrence is predicted by the experts.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is often repetitious in his daily briefings.

I have yet to hear any expression of condolences by President Donald Trump to the families of the victims of COVID-19.


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