Tuesday, May 26, 2020

More Random Thoughts

Yesterday morning in Cunningham Park in Queens there were several police officers giving out masks.  Out of three people, one took the mask and wore it while the other two took the masks and held it in their hands.  I have observed about 80-90% of all people wear masks.  I just hate it when it fogs up my glasses. 

When I pass by an elementary school in my neighborhood in the morning there are two crossing guards just standing around.  Why are they need when there is no school? res It is just a waste of money.  Can they at least be repurposed to do something constructive?

Public and university libraries have been closed since mid-March.  Certainly, many but not all resources are available electronically.  In the past 2 months I have used several electronic books and sent them to my Kindle.  Not all books are available electronically, and many seniors (not me) are not tech-savvy and can't access those resources.  Here is a suggestion - Library users can locate print books through the online catalog and state which library they can pick up the book.  The branch would need to be open only a few hours a day and require masks and social distancing for their employees and patrons coming in to pick up books.

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Michael Schwieger said...

I think I was on this trip in 1965. I remember being on a farm in Colby Kansas. We were all herded in to the farmers root cellar. There was a passing tornado we were hiding from. When the all clear was lifted, all our camping gear was scattered all over the farm. Bruce was this trip also yours

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